Non profit charitable organization designed to develop and establish comradery in the veteran community with the goal of eliminating veteran suicide.


Operation: Brotherhood was created to bring veterans together so they realize they are not alone. We have found over years of working in other vocations where we saw the group dynamic change people almost overnight, for the better.

The message is that we can rely on each other for support, that we are NOT alone, that we have a brother or sister that will always listen. There are approximately 22 million veterans in the US. There is no reason we should feel alone. Ever.

We achieve our goals through:

    • Teambuilding
    • Comradery

    • Physical Challenge
    • Open Mindedness

    • Outdoor Activity
    • Quiet Reflection









Jason Wyman – President

Founder of Operation: Brotherhood grew up in rural Maine before answering the call of his country. He spent four years as an Army Combat Medic (2003-2007), deploying to Iraq in 2005. After his discharge and his return home, Jason graduated with honors with an Associates of Medical Assisting (AMA). He worked with the Veterans Administration for four years providing guidance and healthcare to Maine’s veteran population. Jason is currently enrolled in the University of Maine system working on achieving an advance medical degree to become a Physician Assistant (PA).

Rob Walker – Vice-President

Rob’s background is firmly rooted in martial arts and has been a practitioner and instructor for decades. Currently, he is employed in the corrections field where he oversees defensive tactics training, and is an instructor and member of the specialized Correctional Emergency unit. He splits his time between his profession and operating as the CEO of Combative Edge, LLC as well as a member of the Children’s Rescue Initiative, an organization that sends teams overseas to rescue children and adults from labor slavery and sex trafficking worldwide. In his role as VP of Operation Brotherhood, Rob donates his time and resources towards veterans retreats, training and fundraising.

Meredith Linuci – Secretary

As a grandchild of a Korean War vehicle mechanic, Meredith experienced the stories of war through the eyes of her grandfather and his fellow veterans that he served with. She started giving back to the community by volunteer at various local veteran organizations, including participating in fundraisers. Meredith received her Associate of Business with minors in management and accounting where she has her foundation in business. At a time of change in Meredith’s career she pursued a career in massage therapy. She used that training to give back to the community with her family who combined their businesses of salons, spas and a barbershop lounge. Meredith is now operating the family business, returning to her roots in business.  In honor of her grandfather and several military veterans that encompasses her life, she has made giving back to our community a priority, participating in fundraising and donating her time to local charities.

David McFaul – Board Member

A nine-year Infantry Veteran with 2nd Battalion PPCLI in the Canadian Armed Forces (1996-2005). After several deployments at home and abroad, David was medically released due to injuries. After battling demons in silence and ultimately seeking treatment for his own PTSD, Dave worked with several veteran charities in the hopes of giving back and helping to make change from within the veteran community. In his volunteer work and reconnecting with the veteran community, Dave realize the need for veterans to work together as the bond of combat veterans is more of a “brotherhood” and the support starts within this community. Dave is currently the Unit Leader for the Wellington Auxiliary Rescue Association, a marine Search & Rescue unit based out of Wellington on Lake Ontario.

Jennifer Lane – Treasurer

A combat veteran of the US Navy (1994-2004), Jennifer served in several areas of operations, including Bosnia and the European/Asian Theater after 9/11.  Jennifer has her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) with minors in marketing and advertising. She used this education to manage several administration departments for both large and small local businesses. In her desire to return to the medical field, Jennifer furthered her education achieving her license as a Practical Nurse (LPN) where she concentrated her efforts working for the Department of Veteran’s affairs in both Syracuse, NY and Togus, ME. Battling with her own PTSD and through her work assisting fellow veteran, she realized the need to increase the comradery of personal that have seen firsthand the tragedies of war. Jennifer volunteers her time as Department of Maine Judge Advocate, Beals hospitality house Togus chair, Public Relations Officer, Ways and means Chairman, Veterans service office chair, Quartermaster and Service officer of VFW District 9, a member of American Legion Post 153, DAV #30, and Military Order of the Cooties Pup Tent #NY045, member of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 1603 in Auburn, .







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As the founder of Operation Brotherhood, I first and foremost want to thank you for your support in this endeavor. I could not have accomplished this had it not been for the overwhelming generosity you have shown.

Thank you.

A few years ago, I was teaching 3-4 day firearms courses. I noticed on day 1, that everyone was pretty shy and quiet. They would kinda keep to themselves, adjust their gear; or in their group of friends that they came with.

By the end of day 2, people that previously had what seemed to be nothing in common were now laughing and joking with each other, showing classmates their gear, ad offering tips on equipment layout.

Day 3 showed me that when encouraged, people will come together to help the whole team; I would see the more experienced explaining the tricks and techniques they had learned over the years, to the newer students.

By the last day, everyone was working as a team; one cohesive functioning group. We had people from all walks relying on each other. They supported each other… trusted each other… It didn’t matter what their job was, how old they were, their gender, race, religion, income, body image, what car they drove, nothing… what mattered is that they left all of that at the door and gave something else a chance to flourish. Because of that, new bonds were created, new friendships; a comradery.

With this organization, I want to do just that. No, not teach firearms courses… but get groups of veterans together to show them that we ARE a team. That the comradery doesn’t stop when the uniform is put away. That we can rely on each other for support, that we are NOT alone, that we have a brother or sister that will always listen. There are approximately 22 million veterans in the US. There is no reason we should feel alone.

I’m asking that you help me in uniting my brothers and sisters of all branches. No more veteran suicides. Lets us Unite the 22 million of us.











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