-News Release-

The team at Operation : Brotherhood wish to thank Commander Christopher L. Robinson and the Maine VFW for being named the Commander’s Special Project for 2019-2020. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to show our Veteran and First Responder communities what can be done with this additional support. Operation : Brotherhood relies 100% on donations to provide our services, and every dollar donated is spent on our projects. The team here take no salary, we are here for YOU. We thank all those that have supported us and look forward to another great year.

Thank-you all.
Operation : Brotherhood

June 23, 2019


It is with great pleasure that I announce my Commander’s Special Project for 2019-2020 as “OPERATION : BROTHERHOOD.” They share my goal of eliminating the suicide epidemic occurring in this life by our own hands. OPERATION : BROTHERHOOD seeks to achieve their goals through teambuilding, comradery, physical challenge, open mindedness, outdoor activity, and quiet reflection. They support the Homeless Veteran Stand Down at VA Maine Togus and in Caribou. I encourage everyone to designate OPERATION : BROTHERHOOD as their charity of choice on smile.amazon.com. Products purchased through that website at Amazon, 0.5% of the purchase is donated to OPERATION : BROTHERHOOD automatically. This is another way to support them in their mission. I appreciate everyone’s support for my Commander’s Special Project and I look forward to a successful year.

Yours in Comradeship,

Christopher L. Robinson
State Commander

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